Romanian Food and Playground Fun – Pookie Moment of the Week

Ok, I know I said that I would stick to just ONE Pookie Moment of the Week, but I’m breaking my promise again. This week, I have 2 Pookie Moments for you to check out!

On Monday, we went to Romanian Garden in Sunnyside, Queens for a taste of the homeland with the whole family. Pookie had a fabulous time. As usual, he thoroughly impressed everyone with his eating skills. And he ate SALAD! What? And then he proceeded to run all over the restaurant. Thankfully, it was practically empty, so no one seemed to mind.

On Tuesday, Pookie, Oma, Opa and I went to William Sheridan Playground in our neighborhood, and Pookie had a total blast. He of course did some swinging, some sliding, some climbing, some bird-chasing and lots of running around. His new favorite thing to say is “that way!” The cutest moment though was when he tried to make friends with some bigger kids. He walked right up to them and tried to show them the piece of bark that he had picked up off the ground (“look what I have!”). And they completely ignored him! They were like “go away, baby!” So my poor little munchkin just walked away. On to bigger and better things…

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Pookie’s not gonna lose any sleep over it!

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