“If I Could Do It All Over” Baby Registry – Part 4 (Feeding)

Now that you can get around town with your adorably dressed baby, and she’s sleeping through the night (yeah right!) and perfectly clean and diapered, you probably should feed her too! Here’s everything you need to get that baby fed!

I should start off by saying that whether or not you plan to breastfeed, you should have a breast pump. But don’t put one in your registry. Order one for free through your insurance company. I recommend the Medela In Style Advanced. I had no issues with mine (although, for the first few months, when I had to wake up and pump in the middle of the night to boost my supply, I wanted to smash it against the wall).

Bottles, Formula, etc.

Also, whether or not you will breastfeed, you will eventually need bottles, and you should have formula just in case you have issues with breastfeeding.

I recommend the Comotomo bottles. I recommend having 4 of the 5 oz bottles and 4 of the 8 oz bottles, so two of these starter sets work perfectly.

You should also have some newborn baby formula on hand just in case. We used two different German brands (Lebenswert and Holle) because they really are the best, but they are super expensive in the US. If you end up wanting to use one of the German formulas, either get someone to bring it to you from Europe or buy it in bulk from Biolgisch24. The only US formula that we ever gave to Pookie was Baby’s Only, but it stinks (literally!), and its ingredient list isn’t perfect. I do however believe it’s your best bet when it comes to American brands though.

You should have a bottle warmer, which you’ll be thankful for in the middle of the night! I recommend something simple like this one by Munchkin.

Definitely get some burp cloths. I recommend some no-nonsense ones like these by Gerber.



Here’s Pookie having no complaints with his Comotomo bottle. Take note of the Boppy nursing pillow in the background. That was before we had discovered the My Brest Friend. There’s a reason the Boppy is on the floor, and we’re just using a regular old pillow. Stay away from the Boppy!

Getting comfy

As far as nursing pillows go, seriously, just get the My Brest Friend. Nothing can be better than that one.

You absolutely need a comfy glider to sit in and breast feed, bottle-feed, rock, etc your baby. In my opinion, you should get something that looks nice and that you can continue to use afterwards. We really love our Dutailier glider and ottoman that we got from Amazon. The glider swivels, and both glider and ottoman glide. It’s fabulous, and it looks great. It’s a bit pricy, but worth it because I spent so many comfy hours in it while Pookie was tiny, and we’ll continue to enjoy it for a long time to come.

Making your own baby food

Your munchkin should start eating some solids by around 4 or 5 months or whenever she’s ready (Pookie started at around 5 months), so you should be prepared! If you’d like to make your own baby food, get a baby food maker that will make it pretty easy! I recommend the Béaba Babycook. It’s pricy, but super easy to use and efficient because it steams and purées all in the same container. A more affordable, but also great option is the Babymoov Nutribaby, which does everything that the Babycook does, but also sterilizes and warms bottles, so that’s three machines in one!

You’ll also want to get some freezer trays for freezing individual servings of your homemade baby food.

Plates, utensils, bibs, sippy cups, etc.

When your little one starts to feed himself, you’ll want to have this ingenious Happy Bowl/ placemat by EZPZ. I would actually also get the Happy Mat since it has compartments! These things are great! It’s a silicone bowl and placemat in one that really sticks to the table so that your munchkin doesn’t tip it over or throw it on the floor. We actually bring it with us when we go out to eat.

You’ll need some suction bowls, some spoons and some food catcher bibs, so this is a great set that includes all of that and more.

I also highly recommend getting some bibs with sleeves like these by OhBabyKa. You can also get them from Ikea for $5. We call it Pookie’s hazmat suit, and I’m sure you can imagine why.

Also, grab some of these fresh fruit feeders. It’s a mesh pouch in which you can put fresh fruit for them to suck on. It sounded gross to me at first, but Pookie absolutely loved them!

Get a snack container like this one from Ubbi for when they can feed themselves cheerios or puffs or whatever snack they love.

You’ll also want some cute drool/ teething bibs like these cuties, some Bumkin starter bibs for when they first start solids and some Bumkins SuperBibs for when they start feeding themselves.

Get some sippy cups for when they first start solids and need that extra hydration! We like the Philips Avent sippy cups. And also grab a straw cup for when they graduate from the sippy. We like this one by Contigo.

High chair

You’ll of course need a high chair. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on fancy, stylish high chairs, but we absolutely love Ikea’s Antilop high chair with tray for jus $20! We love it because it doesn’t take up much space, and, without any nooks and crannies or removable parts, it’s super easy to clean. Because it doesn’t recline, you may want something different for when they first start solids but can’t sit up well. For Pookie, we first fed him in a little rocker like this one from Fisher Price.

Now you’re definitely ready to get that baby fed! I think so, at least. If I’ve forgotten anything, let me know in the comments!

Stay tuned for Part 5 of my baby registry series, in which I will talk about TOYS!