Pookie’s Many Moments of the Week

I couldn’t choose just one moment for the Pookie Moment of the Week because this week was just too much fun! Pookie’s monkey uncles (my brother-in-law and his boyfriend) were in town, and Pookie had a blast with them!

On Friday, there was this hilarious moment when Pookie “shook it off.”

Saturday was a fun-filled day. It started out with a family brunch in New Jersey. Pookie had a great time eating everything in sight and playing with his cousins. Then we went to our friends’ gender reveal party, where Pookie was in a terrible mood, but at least he got to have this extremely sugary cookie. By the way, it’s a girl! 🙂

On Sunday we went to Norman (we’re obsessed) with Monkey Uncle #1 and spent the rest of the day with him. We also had another family hat moment.

On Monday, Pookie had a great time being incredibly naughty at Miss Annie’s Music for Kids at Wild Was Mama. I chased him around the entire time.

On Tuesday, Pookie and I took the “boat-ee” to Long Island City to say goodbye to the Monkey Uncles, but first we stopped at a playground where he pushed around a pink ball in a pink stroller and rang some bells.



On Wednesday, we had a fun Mama-Pookie moment. Never mind the fact that his moment was really with “his” iPhone 5.


On Thursday, I took Pookie to Tribeca Pediatrics to get his cold checked out, and we had a great time making faces at each other (Look closely to check out my scary fish face). His cold is not serious by the way.

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