Getting Organized: My Resolution for 2018

While I would of course like to eat better and work out more, my main New Years resolution for 2018 is to get organized. Actually, I’m finding that getting organized is already helping me to achieve those other goals as well!

I have a bad habit of getting organized and then rapidly letting things fall apart into chaos. I never can find a way to stay organized. But I’m telling you, this year will be different!

I decided that, while I really enjoy using Google Calendar on my phone and computer, especially for getting on the same page as RR in terms of our schedule, I think I personally need to write things down on good old-fashioned paper as well. First, I created and ordered a physical iPhoto calendar and put it up on our magnetic front door. It looks great (probably due to all of the cute pics of Pookie in it!) and I’m really enjoying putting all of our family obligations and events in there.

But what I’m most excited about is my beautiful new agenda/ planner/ organizer, whatever you want to call it. I must’ve spent a good hour researching planners and finally deciding on which one to get. I thought I would follow Holly’s (from the Work-at-Home Woman) recommendation to get an Erin Condren Life Planner, but I became overwhelmed when I started trying to customize it. It’s also pretty expensive (around $60), so I looked and looked on Amazon until I found my perfect planner. I got the Calendar Year Hard Cover Vision Planner by Bloom, and I am obsessed!!

My main requirement was that there be a weekly spread with columns for each day instead of rows. That way, I can more easily plan my days out from beginning to end. But it has so much more! Each weekly spread also has a “Weekly Goals and Notes” section, a “Weekly Focus” box, an inspirational quote, and a section for “meals, exercise, inspiration, notes, memories, ideas and gratitude.” Also, ahead of each month, there is a vision board and a “Making It Happen” page where you can set the mood for the month and set weekly goals for each coming month, helping you to see the bigger picture.

I rounded out my organization arsenal with a nice set of colored pens, some great agenda stickers by Carpe Diem and some sticky notes with tabs to use for extra-detailed to-do lists/ notes.

After sitting down for a few minutes to write some goals down, or, better yet, to check them off, I feel amazing. Wow, the satisfaction of being organized is incredible. Let’s keep it going!

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