Two more days…


In two days, we will be in New Orleans! Pookie seems like he’s ready, hanging out in his bath seat in the suitcase! Where else?

Pookie has already been to New Orleans 3 times: when he was 2 months old, when he was 3 months old and when he was 4 months old. We hadn’t intended on him traveling quite so young and quite so much, but with my dad entering the hospital on November 7th, 2017, we decided to spend Thanksgiving there as well as Christmas. Then in January, when it had become clear that my dad was likely never getting out of the hospital, we went back to stay for a while. We didn’t expect my dad to die the day after we got there, but that’s what happened. More about that elsewhere.

Basically, even though Pookie was so young, the second and third times he was in New Orleans, he looked around and seemed to remember and like my Dad’s house, which is where we stay every time we go to New Orleans. He looked around as if to say, “Damn, it’s so nice and spacious.” I swear that’s what he was thinking. So, I’m very curious to see how he reacts when we arrive in New Orleans on Saturday.

Pookie and I will be in New Orleans until just before New Years, and Papa will go back to Brooklyn between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Three and a half weeks without Papa will be tough, but I’m excited to be in NOLA for that long. Pookie’s grandmother and great-grandparents absolutely can’t wait to see him.

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